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[WordPress] Missing Admin bar in WordPress 3.1

In WordPress 3.1, the introduction of admin bar on non-administrative page was fantastic!

Screenshots of the admin bar:

Missing xbfish.com Image

Missing xbfish.com Image

If you do not see the Admin bar after upgrading to WordPress 3.1, you could be missing wp_header() or wp_footer() in your custom theme.

This is a very simple fix, open up your header.php & footer.php.

In your header.php, check whether wp_head() has been called above the closing tag:

<?php wp_head(); ?>

Then in your footer.php, check whether wp_footer() has been called above the closing tag:

      <?php wp_footer(); ?>

If you are missing these functions, just add in according to the example given above. Save your file(s) or re-upload it.

You should be able to see the Admin bar once you hit refresh on your WordPress site.