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Bold Fonts after uninstalling Left 4 Dead

Is this what you faced?

Because you freaking hell used pirated or “chiong” version of Left 4 Dead! This is the punishment!

Needless to say, I am here to provide the solution. To my best knowledge, I found that the fonts affected are:

Courier New
Arial Narrow
Arial Bold
Lucida Console
Trebuched MS
Times New Roman

So now, you need another PC with Windows XP installed. Just go to C:\\Windows and copy the Fonts folder. Replace the existing Fonts folder in your affected PC with the newly copied. I hope you get what I meant.

Nevertheless if you have no option to do the above method, you can try out a riskier way.

Restoring your Windows to a state before uninstalling Left 4 Dead or manually restore the registry, which I don’t highly recommend.

To make things simple, I will only cover how to manually restore your registry. If you would like to restore your Windows to the previous state, Google is your best friend. :)

Note: editing the registry is highly risky and may lead to a corrupt/non-functional/sot-sot system. Do this at your own risk.

1. Click “Start” and then “Run”
2. Type regedit.exe and press Run/OK
3. First of all, backup your current registry by going to File -> Export and save it to a safe place, preferably an external thumb drive or something accessible.
4. Navigate through the folder tree to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Wi… NT\\CurrentVersion\\Fonts
5. Here, you’ll need to add a string variable for each font in the list above with the correct font-file in your C:\\Windows\\Fonts folder. If the variable already exists, check that the filename is correct. An example is the following (in string name -> value):

Tahoma (TrueType) -> tahoma.ttf
Courier New (TrueType) -> cour.ttf
Verdana (TrueType) -> verdana.ttf
Arial (TrueType) -> arial.ttf
Arial Narrow (TrueType) -> arialn.ttf
Arial Bold (TrueType) -> arialbd.ttf
Lucida Console (TrueType) -> lucon.ttf
Trebuched MS (TrueType) -> trebuc.ttf
Times New Roman (TrueType) -> times.ttf
Marlett (TrueType) -> marlett.ttf

6. Exit the register editor and reboot your computer to be sure that the changes has been made. You should now have your normal fonts back.